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Expert and Analysis Services

We offer our customers versatile bonding solutions, technical support and both expert and testing services.

We are familiar with industrial applications, processes, materials and working methods, as well as environmental and safety laws and regulations. We support our customers with material choices, adhesive amount optimisation, and the proper use of products. We can also engage in the joint development of customers’ own production processes.

We know how wood and adhesives behave.

Our modern wood adhesive laboratory tests how wood and adhesives behave in various conditions. We know the demands set by various types of wood, the climate, production, uses and classifications set for adhesives. Such expertise is built into our products.

Our test equipment enhances our customers’ production

Our automatic adhesive application equipment helps us to determine the best kind of adhesive for our customer’s production line. The equipment can be adjusted to match the customer’s production line settings, enabling us to trial run the adhesive and materials without disrupting the customer’s production. We can simulate both continuous panel lines and the manufacture of individual items. Simulation determines issues such as the adhesive’s open time and press time. The equipment consists of a dosage and application unit, a conveyor, and a heatable clamp.

Analysis services

We provide a service based on both organic and inorganic analysis for private customers and businesses.

We can perform purity, composition and damage analyses on a range of materials. Our equipment includes an infrared spectrometer (Microscope/ATR-FTIR) gas chromatograph (HS/Py-GCMSD) and X-Ray Fluorescence Analyser (XRF). All analyses are agreed on a case-by-case basis with the customer.